We will help you to unlock lost warrior the boss in DNF Duel

We will help you to unlock lost warrior the boss in DNF Duel

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    DNF Duel from Eighting, Arc System Works, and Nexon is finally available worldwide on PS5, PS4, and PC via Steam. The base roster has been revealed over the months leading up to the most recent reveal of Lost Warrior. Lost Warrior is the 16th DNF Duel base roster character. If you’re wondering how to unlock Lost Warrior in DNF Duel, this will help you.

    How To Unlock Lost Warrior
    To unlock this interesting and complex character, you just need to complete the Story mode with any of the 15 already playable fighters. This mode consists of nine chapters that tell you the story of the character you chose.

    The unlock will not ask players to spend any currency on anything and will be completely free once Story Mode is cleared. Getting Lost Warrior will also remove the “???” over his name when playing against one in Online Mode.

    To select him in the character select screen, look for Lost Warrior in the lower right near Ghostblade and Troubleshooter.

    How To Defeat Lost Warrior
    Fortunately, this might not be a hard fight as it seems. While Lost Warrior has a variety of unique moves, like the summon of special swords, a grab that can make you change positions with him, or interesting movement options that grant him a good amount of freedom, he won’t be as aggressive as final bosses usually are in the genre.

    After defeating him in two rounds, enjoy your character’s ending, and Lost Warrior will now be playable for you. Currently, he is the only unlockable character in DNF Duel. The developers have yet to reveal the next fighters in this game after this boss character.

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